Who We Are…

Hey everyone! Welcome to Here-2-There Taxi’s website. We are a small business that opened up January 15, 2020 and have been going strong since. My name is Scott Kennedy, owner of Here-2-There Taxi. Before Here-2-There Taxi I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. I would go out for karaoke at local bars and have fun with friends. I was looking deep within my life and sometimes if you search for something you don’t find it, just like looking for love. One night I was overhearing two people talking about needing an Uber or Lyft or some sort of taxi service in our county. The local bus doesn’t run after a certain time. I started as Going My Way Taxi, because I felt it was funny and it was a test run to see how well a taxi service would do in the Venango Area. After a few months it was going very well. I was working on saving the money to open legally, but was hit with a cease and desist. After a year of paperwork, insurance companies, marketing strategies and many other hurdles, Here-2-There Taxi was born in December 2019 and opened on January 15, 2020.

Since opening, Here-2-There Taxi has grown into a community staple. I added 2 awesome contractors. Charles (2 years) and Harry (1 year) have been great workers and I am proud to call them my friends. We have had many hurdles. Each one has been a learning curve for me as an owner. It was a test of my determination and strength as a business owner and person. Between, dealing with the Public Utility Commission, insurance rates, the pandemic, and currently inflation. I can say without a doubt if I can make it through these huge economic hurdles, so can you.

One of the biggest goals of Here-2-There Taxi is to help get DUI’s down in the Venango County area by offering affordable and safe rides home to those who like the drink a bit too much. lol. We would like to have a headquarters, a fleet of vans to service more riders and more people working for our small business, but all in good time.

So with all that being said, I hope you got to know more about my small business and what we are about. We hope that you, the reader, choose us as your service for your transportation needs. You’re not only helping a small business grow, but you’re also going to help yourself get a safe and affordable ride. Thank you.

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