Hello everyone, I am writing today to let you know all the wonderful discounts and promotions that Here-2-There Taxi offers. We know that in this day and age with inflation, having children, energy costs, etc. some cannot afford transportation with a taxi service because it is a luxury. We have made some amazing discounts and promotions that could help your purse or wallet. Lets get started with our promotions. We implore all our riders to take advantage of these promotions and discounts to help you keep a bit of money in your pockets.


Loyalty Cards – We offer loyalty cards for $1.00. 10 rides = 10 stamps and your 11th ride gets you a 25% discount off your entire fare. One loyalty card at a time. (No other promotions or discounts can be used if you use this.) Did you fill your card, buy another for $1.00 and fill it up for another 25% off your next fare. (You must have the card on hand to receive the stamp or discount.)

Gift Certificates – They are a great way to give a gift to a friend or family member. Face Value of $10 minimum or $25 maximum. Just ask your driver for one to add to the fare and use it for your next fare. Your choice.

Girl Night Out Package – Who doesn’t want to go out with the girls? The girl’s night out package is for women who want a night out with their girlfriends. 2-5 women who want to go out to the bar (within 10 miles) and be picked up later within the time limits of Here-2-There Taxi. (Before closing) Riders must be in one location, not multiple or the package is null and void and they must pay for the full ride. Package cost: $40.00 MUST SCHEDULE 5 HOURS IN ADVANCE.

No Wait Wednesday – No wait Wednesday gives 15 minutes free to the passenger. After 15 minutes the waiting time begins where the minutes left off. The 15 minutes does not restart at the beginning if you have multiple stops.

Holiday Promotions

Here-2-There Taxi also offers holiday promos. During Christmas time we have a raffle and for every ride you receive a gift tag, you write your name and number and are entered into a drawing to receive a gift basket of all kinds of treasures from local small businesses, gift cards/certificates, Christmas treats, etc. This is to help promote to shop local small businesses.

During Halloween with play a Trick-or-Treat game where you pick a tag and if it has a discount on the ticket you will receive that towards your fare. During Thanksgiving time we have a Be Thankful basket raffle. For every ride you will be allowed to write your name and number on a ticket and be entered into a drawing for a Be Thankful Basket to be announced on a specified day.


Airport Discount – Anyone who is going to or from the Pittsburgh International or Erie International Airport will receive a 15% discount on their fare.

Advance Booking Discount – The Booking Discount is given 10% off their fare when a customer books a ride a month in advance.

Hope Discount – The Hope Discount is given when we are giving to a charity. If the rider donates to the charity through Here-2-There Taxi they will receive a 10% discount off their fare. Minimum of $5.00\

Drunk Discount – No, you don’t need to be drunk to receive this discount. In reaching our goal to help get DUIs down, Here-2-There Taxi is offering the drunk discount. If you’re being picked up from a bar you will receive 10% off your fare.

Full Moon Discount – HAIL TO THE FULL MOON! If it is a full moon out and you’re out that night you will receive a 10% discount. Valid only at night.

Bachelorette/Bachelor Discount – This discount can only be applied to those who are about to be married. The fare is calculated normally with 25% off the entire fare. Can be multiple locations (within reason) and within the hours of Here-2-There Taxi. Allows up to 5 passengers.

College Student Discount – We know that college is already tough, here’s a discount to help ease that burden. 10% off your ride. Must show proof that you are a college student.

Active Military Discount – Here-2-There Taxi supports our men and women who fight for this country. ACTIVE military receive a 15% discount off their fare. Must show some form of proof to receive this discount.

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