Political Taxi?

As the owner of Here-2-There Taxi I have met almost every color of the political spectrum. I’ve been degraded and insulted for how I vote whether I vote for a Republican or Democrat. Anyone who knows me, knows that I don’t care who one votes for. It’s our American right to vote for whomever is running or even not to vote at all, which I do encourage everyone to vote.

I have no problem talking politics, as long as it remains civil. In many cases, it is not the case. One night, in the beginning months of Here-2-There Taxi, I went to pick up a VIP (visibly intoxicated person) and he got into my van and the first words out of his mouth was, “Those f**king Democrats just need to be shot!” Immediately, I was in fear for my life, not because I am a registered democrat, but because this person had made a legit threat to many lives. To this day he has been on the no rides list. Needless to say, I don’t care what party you’re affiliated with or what your beliefs are as long as they do not wish or cause harm to others.

Another, was most recent when a woman partly blamed me, just for how I voted, for voting for President Biden. I don’t blame people for voting, let me be honest, he wasn’t my first choice. But to blame me for doing my American right and because I didn’t choose her candidate she blamed me for the way things are today. Honest opinion, things have never been “great” in America. Each era has had its own political, economic, social problems. It’s how we deal with these things. We change things with the business, our personal lives, etc. to deal with these problems. Life is ever changing, it’s how we roll with the punches that makes us successful.

My drivers either tilt republican or are registered Republican and we are good friends because we don’t see each other as political parties. We see each other as coworkers, friends…human beings. We are not out parties, we can have differing opinions and still be good people to each other.

What I am getting at is we can have differing opinions and views. Doesn’t make us right. We don’t know everything that happens in Washington D.C. We only get a fraction of what happens. These people are neighbors, family and friends, not enemies. We have more that make us alike then what divides us. I’m hearing rumors of another civil war…all because of one man who has done a lot of criminal acts. If you do a crime you should face the consequences of your crimes. Regardless if you have money or not or party affiliation, one should be held accountable for those crimes. I may lose people because of this blog and that’s ok. This is not up for a debate. I am simply sharing what myself and many other people who work in bartending, therapy, etc. deal with on a daily basis. Like I have mentioned it’s how we roll with the punches with the changes in America that help make us successful. Keep it civil and maybe we can find common ground more then what we are dealing with in today’s political problems. Thanks.

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