Serving Western Pennsylvania since 2020

Open Monday – Wednesday 7am-9pm, Thursday 7am-12am, Friday and Saturday 7am-1am


Our mission is to help our community with reliable and affordable transportation. To help those who would become intoxicated from drinking a safe and affordable ride home. 

Normal Rate – $2.25 per mile             Senior Citizen – $1.50

Waiting time
Normal Rate – .25 cents per minute
Senior Citizen – .15 cents per minute 

Service Charge and Booking fee
(Per ride)
County                                               After 8pm
Allegheny – $30.00                             $35.00
Beaver – $40.00                                  $45.00
Butler – $25.00                                    $30.00
Clarion – $25.00                                  $30.00
Crawford – $20.00                              $25.00
Erie – $25.00                                       $30.00
Forest – $15.00                                    $20.00
Lawrence – $20.00                              $25.00
Mercer – $20.00                                  $25.00
Venango – $10.00                               $12.00
Warren – $25.00                                  $30.00
Westmoreland – $50.00                      $55.00

Discounts and Packages

  • No Wait Wednesday – The passenger receives 15 minutes free. After 15 minutes the waiting time begins. If multiples stops, the time begins where the minutes left off. The 15 minutes DOES NOT restart.
  • Airport Discount – Anyone going to or from the Pittsburgh or Erie International Airport will receive 15% off their fare.
  • Drunk Discount – In meeting our goal of getting DUIs down we will give anyone coming from a bar a 10% discount automatically when we pick a passenger up from a bar. (you do not need to be drunk)
  • College Student Discount – College students receive a 15% off their fare. Must show College ID to receive this discount.
  • Active Military Discount – Active Military serving our country receive a 20% discount. Must show proof of active status.
  • Bus Discount – Any passenger coming to or from the Greyhound Bus Station will receive a 15% discount off their fare.
  • Active Military Discount – Active military and service members get an automatic 20% off their fares. (must show proof of active status)
  • College Student Discount – College students get an automatic 15% off their fare. (must show college ID to receive this discount)

Policies and Fees

No Call, No Show Fee

If a passenger calls and asks for a ride and does not cancel by the time that the driver has arrived they will owe a No Call, No Show fee of the amount of the service charge and booking fee. If the driver arrives and calls to let the passenger know that they have arrived for pickup, but receive no response the driver will wait 15 (fifteen) minutes and if their is still no response from the passenger they will receive a No Call, No Show fee. The passenger must pay this fee before he or she can receive transportation services.

Return Policy

If the passenger leaves possessions in a driver’s vehicle they have 1 (one) week to claim their possession. If the rider does not claim their possessions it will legally become the property of Here-2-There Taxi. If the passenger calls and asks that we transport the possession to their location it is a $10.00 fee (depending on location) for the return of the item(s). If the rider calls and asks to pick up their item(s) then a time of pick up will be established and no fee will be requested.

Ride & Run Policy

If a rider does not pay for their fare we reserve the right to call the proper authorities due to theft of services. You will also be put on the NO RIDES FOR LIFE LIST.

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