Reviews, Reviews, Reviews!

One thing that businesses love are reviews. Good reviews and helpful criticisms. No one likes negative reviews, but they can also be helpful with one’s business. I wanted to share some good reviews that we have had over the 3 years we’ve been in business.

Great service and dependable” Joe Serifen

Great service. Experienced drivers. Polite and respectful. I feel safe with their driving abilities. I’ve NEVER had to use my “brakes.” Janis Millu

“Great service at reasonable rates ” Dan Horton

“Scott was very polite and friendly. He made the ride very pleasant and welcoming. The prices were very reasonable too. I definitely recommend him and his services if you need to go somewhere. I personally will be using his services again if or when I need to.” Lisa Vanderhoof

“Scott was fantastic and I will be contacting him again for a ride. 10/10 recommend Scott!” Madison Leann

“Awesome service! Great guy, very professional, funny! Good taste in music, Excellent conversation! Vehicle very clean and a nice ride. Highly recommend Scott!” Jessica Renee Johnson

“Better then Uber and Lyft!! he responded so quick!! he was even a few minutes early but let me know that I could take my time absolutely no rushing!!! which is a +++ for me!! he’s nice and friendly his car smelled amazing and it was spotless!!! he had really good music! I just all around found no problems with what I paid and what I got!!! please I really recommend you to use him!!! 10+++++++ stars!!!” Krystine Gayle

These are all from the Here-2-There Taxi Facebook page and we are grateful for everyone’s review of Here-2-There Taxi. We ask that you keep them coming, we love to hear how your experience with us was. Just keep it with helpful criticisms, because no one likes to see someone just being rude on a review. Thank you to our loyal riders. We hope you stay loyal and enjoy our services.

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